Peace and blessings to all the people who I have been able to connect with over the past years. As we reorient ourselves for whatever comes next, I would like to invite all my music industry associates to connect with each other to help further their goals in the business. To better connect in the coming months, I ask that you send me some information about what you do so I can repost it and make it visible to the rest of my friends. To accomplish this I have started a new group on FB to serve as meeting place for info on upcoming events, artist profiles, music submissions and entertainment publications.

During this year we will continue our mission of nurturing a pathway of empowerment for artists, producers and industry personnel.

A. Forum for artists to expand their knowledge of True Hip Hop Kulture 
1. Radio (Internet, Terrestrial)
2. Video (Internet, DVD)
3. Magazine (On-line, Print)
4. Digital (Viral Marketing, Blogs)

B. Provide artists with the tools to progress their craft independently 
1. We promote self creation rather than trend-based imitation. Self-creation is the basis of the ideology behind the concept of originality in Hip Hop Kulture.
2. Explore the benefits of independent marketing 
3. Restore a sense of responsibility for the products artists create.

C. Give artists examples of success to follow
1. Study the careers of those who have already travelled certain paths thru the industry.
2. Study what to avoid in the business, especially the well documented downfalls and character issues that will impede a career.

Spotlight: KURT NICE
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